Mentors Give Back To Our Country And To Kids As Well!

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At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware we are proud to salute two of our mentors who are not only heroes in our country but are heroes to their “Little” Brother and “Little” Sister in our program.

Air Force Staff Sergeant, Christina Rosado has been in the Big Brothers Big Sisters sp_story-christina_and_michelleCommunity-Based Mentoring program for one year. She is a Big Sister to ten year old Michelle Carney. “I’ve always wanted to volunteer in this program because I felt that I would be a positive role model to a child” says Christina. Christina tries to do something different with Michelle every week. “I want to open her eyes to different experiences. We enjoy bowling, the movies, bike riding, the beach and doing crafts. Michelle is always fascinated with the planes when she goes with me to the Base.”

Air Force Airman First Class, Joshua Nevler has been a Big Brother to ten year old Tyrel Barnes since May, 2010. In just six months Joshua and Tyrel have enjoyed playing basketball, going to the movies, bowling and just hanging out. “I believe in the program,” says Joshua. “I wish I would have had a program like this growing up. It’s important for a child to have a friend that’s stable and a good influence”. This is exactly what Joshua is to Tyrel. “When I take Tyrel to the Dover Air Force Base he thinks it’s really cool. I doubt he fully understands my commitment to the military or our role in society, but that will come in time with maturity and life experiences. For now, my goal with him is to be his friend for as long as possible.

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you will ever do. Your time and attention is worth more to a child than you realize. Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Little Brothers and Little Sisters have fun together and create memories that last a lifetime.

The impact that a mentor has on a child is priceless. Research shows that children matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister are:

  • More successful in school
  • Able to get along better with their families
  • 46% less likely to start using drugs
  • 27% less likely to start drinking; and
  • 52% less likely to skip school

The process to become a “Big” is easy. Call your local Big Brothers Big Sisters office to apply; or apply online with our online volunteer application. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are matched with Little Brothers and Little Sisters based on similar interests, personalities and your preferences. Once you are matched, a match support staff member will keep in touch with everyone to lend support and assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Big Brother or Big Sister today.